Are you bored of the status quo? Want something different? A career break? Leaving university or maybe taking a bit of time out to re-evaluate? We have partnered with Kimberley Houghton to offer our volunteers an opportunity for Adventure Coaching.”

Have you ever had that moment when you are immersed in nature or in a completely new surrounding and you get in touch with a different part of yourself?

Sometimes we gain greater perspective by removing ourselves from our environment, getting in touch with the basics in life… We can maximize on this time by asking the important questions in life if we are in a place of transition. We are pleased to announce an exciting collaboration between Kimberley Coaching and African Impact.

What is Kimberley Coaching?

Kimberley Coaching is organization that has formulated a unique 6-week program designed for people who want more out of life.  Who want to find more meaning, purpose and direction. The program is deigned to help you get ‘unstuck’. It consists of looking at key areas of your life, what’s working, what not working… What’s holding you back… and what you need to do? All whilst exploring the amazing surroundings that Africa offers and giving something back on the volunteer project of your choice.

But, how does it actually work?

You will have an initial Skype call with Kimberley so you can check in and ask any questions you like and have a complimentary coaching session to see if it’s for you…

If you decide you would like to join the program, we will organize a weekly meeting on Skype for your breakthrough sessions.

Book your trial session at [email protected]