Last week featured a wonderful day for the children in the special needs class of Monde Primary School as our intern Yana came up with a great idea of taking her class out to see the “Smoke that Thunders”, the mighty Victoria Falls.

It was a great excursion for the kids as we drove from the rural areas where they stay to the beautiful town of Victoria Falls. Their bright little faces where staring out the windows in amazement as we drove through town on our way. Excitement filled the car as the little youngsters sang all the way from the school to the entrance of the falls.

The kids where so excited as they formed a queue, and their faces lit up with joy when they were allowed to enter the Victoria Falls National Park. For most of them, it was their first time going to see the world-reknowned waterfall, a wonder of the natural world.

The children received an educational talk from their guide, Norman, as he taught them about the discovery of the falls by David Livingstone. And viewing the falls themselves was an unforgettable experience. After the wonderful tour, the kids got a chance to dance and sing with a local dance group. Off we went to see The Big Tree and on the way we met a herd of elephants! Wow what a treat it was for the kids after also sighting a kudu and warthog during the falls tour.

In all, it was an amazing trip for them, as they got to also see different animals that they have always read about and seen in pictures. The day ended with a little treat of doughnuts. It was so amazing; the kids not only had a great educational experience, but an awesome time.