8 Reasons to Volunteer in Cape Town

Geri from Switzerland joined African Impact as a volunteer on our Teaching and Youth Development Cape Town Project in 2015 for 4 weeks. Here she list 8 reasons why Cape Town is an amazing place to volunteer.

I decided to come to Cape Town for many reasons, but mostly because a good friend of mine always told me about the great time she had spent in Cape Town and after her first visit she kept coming back. Myself, I had visited Johannesburg before, but always thought of Cape Town as a “must see“ – many movies and famous photographers come to Cape Town to shoot as the light down here is stunning, as well as the scenery… It’s like nowhere else in the world.

When I first arrived in Cape Town I found the people to be incredibly open and friendly and to be honest, I felt a little bit overwhelmed (but in a positive way)! I never expected to get such a warm welcome and I assure you, this city definitely welcomes you with open arms.

If you decide to come to Cape Town as a volunteer with African Impact, you definitely will have an unforgettable experience and here are the reasons why:


1. You will – right away – immerge in the real honest lifestyle of South Africa and its local people, which will make your time here unique and unlike a regular holiday.

2. The hours you spend as a volunteer are intensive, but worth it.

3. Nothing feels better than giving something back. In reverse, you will recieve just as much back, if not more. You are going to spend money for this experience but you will definitely go back home richer than you came.

4. You will get the opportunitiy to share and develop your own skills and make a difference in other peoples lives.

5. You will definitely experience a personal growth and become more aware of the problems facing the world. Once you have returned from your trip you will feel more independent and more confident within yourself.

6. It is an opportunity to learn new languages, meet new friends and spend quality and fun time away from your regular life.

7. You get the chance to get focused about where you want your life to go and you’ll have plenty of chances to explore life outside of your comfort zone, which makes you feel more alive than you have in a long time.

8. During the weekends you will have lots of time to experience Cape Town and its surroundings together with your new volunteer friends. There are numberous activities to get involved in, such as surfing, shark cage diving, kloofing, abseiling table mountain, sky diving, visiting Cape Town’s amazing markets, enjoying a hike in nature and many more.


As well as all of that, the African Impact staff members will be there for all your questions, insecurities and they will help you feel right at home straight away.

Cape Town fullfilled all of my expectactions and more – take the chance to make a difference.

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